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Yeah it is kind of depressing, but unfortunately it is how I feel a lot at Christmas.

Where has all the magic gone
It seems drowned in tinsel and lights
My soul remembers a certain bliss
It's not seen in many Christmas nights
The headlines read of horrid things
Not with the tales of joy
What happened to that special time
Sung of by girls and boys
I now find Christmas dreary
Made up of parties and lights
Where once was warmth and loving
Now loneliness fills the nights.


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It's that time again.  Every few years I send out this poem I wrote back in 1986 in honor of the brave men & women of our Armed Services.  Yes it speaks generically of 'men' but those who know me are fully aware I am no disrespecter of women & their contributions.  At the time I wrote this I had no close friends or family in the Armed Services.  I was speaking as an undefined but appreciative member of the United States of America civilians.  This is not an endorsement of war (current or otherwise) it is a statement of appreciation for those in the military both during times of war and times of peace.  As I have been reminded by one who served during the 'Cold War' : "They also server who only stand and wait."
That said I still think this poem says what I feel to the best of my limited ability.

               On Memorial Day and Always

               There isn't as much applause
               In these days of high-tech war
               For the men who slog through mud
               And heaven knows how much more
               He's died in many countries
               And been lain in unmarked graves
               Often with no remembrance
               By those he has died to save
               Although there are those who scorn
               And mock our dear soldier men
               They really ought to thank them
               And then thank them once again
               I shall not forget him though
               He's my brother, father, son
               And he'll fight on with bare hands
               If they take away his gun
               At the Tomb of the Unknown
               Remember why you still live
               Fighting on for our freedom
               He gave all He had to give


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Current Mood: contemplative contemplative

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